Monday, October 13, 2008

JEE 2009 - Get ready to increase your effort

In the last lap of the preparation you have to put in more intensive and focused effort.

13 hours per day from 1st January to 31 March 2009.

12 hours per day December

11 hours per day in November

10 hours per day so far.

Targets: Complete study of all the chaters one more time before 31st December 2008.

From January: Every day

Revision of important points 3 chapters 1.5 hours
Problems and questions from 3 chapters 5 hours - target time for each question 2 minutes
preparation for the board examination 3.5 hours

Attending the coaching class 3 hours (if coaching class is not there additional preparation in studying the details of the three chapters/revision of difficult problems in the chapters)

By 15th February all chapters revision of important points and formulas to be over.