Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nomenclature of Organic Compounds - Practice set

Nomenclature when two or more substituents are in the compound



The exercise has compound names and you have to visualize the structural formula and line formula.

Sets - Example Revision - Number of Elements in a Set

Formulas used to solve the example problems.

n(A U B) = n(A)+n(B) - N(A∩B)

n(A-B) = n(A)-n(A∩B)

n(A'∩B') = n(U) - n(A∩B) = n((A∩B)')

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Graduate from IIITM Gwalior

Answered with data about my IIT JEE rank, admission offer from IIT, refusal of the offer to take up course of interest at IIITM Gwalior, top grades throughout college, internship selection through a national level contest, pre-placement offer, achievements at workplace, recognition received etc. And oh yeah, the GMAT score too (though it was present in the application.)

Received an acceptance call on 20th November from ISB Hyderabad.

I work as a software development engineer for a dream software company and located in Hyderabad. I have been working here since May 2007 (first and only job and 18 months experience as of writing this post.) My GMAT score is 760

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