Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Book for Physical Chemistry IIT JEE

TMH published a new book

Physical Chemistry : For IIT JEE & other Engineering Entrance Examinations


PREM DHAWAN, Delhi Public School, R K Puram, Delhi

ISBN: 0070655461
Copyright year: 2008
Table of Contents

1. Stoichiometry - I
2. Gaseous State
3. Atomic Structure
4. Oeriodic Properties
5. Chemical Bonding
6. Chemical Thermodynamics
7. Chemical Kinetics
8. Chemical Equilibrium
9. Ionic Equilibrium
10. Stoichiometry - II: Redox Reaction and Oxidation Numbers
11. Solutions
12. Electrochemistry
13. The Solid State
14. Surface Chemistry

Book Preface

The objective of this book is to make the study of physical chemistry systematic and enjoyable. Apart from a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts, emphasis is also on enhancing your ability to solve problems and to use relationships between concepts and information that would strengthen your mastery of the subject.

The book is tailored to meet the requirements of those appearing in IIT-JEE entrance and similar engineering entrance examinations and also classes XI & XII students.

As you begin reading this book, you will soon see that there are many examples given and each topic ends with a practice test along with their solutions. A large number of exercises are given at the end of each chapter. Written in a simple and systematic manner, the books' highlights are as follows:

A large number of examples to supplement the text
Practice test at the end of each topic
Large number of chapter-end exercises divided into
(i) Subjective Problems (ii) Multiple choice questions with one answer correct (iii) Multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers (iv) Fill in the blanks, True/False questions, Match the following (v) A special section on comprehension-based questions.
With such an exhaustive coverage of the topic, I am sure that students would find the book an ideal companion to understand and master the subject.

You can download solution manual of the book from


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Sunday, January 6, 2008

My IIT JEE Blogs





The IIT/JEE : there is a difference between your preparations for CBSE exams and IIT/JEE. Here what matter most is not the quantum of books one has grasped or gone through. But the no. of correct answers, he gets. Students must change their mind sets while appearing for IIT/JEE.Here you have to clear the section cut off of the subject.Trends in the last 2 years show that the section cut off for Physic, Chemistry and Maths stands at 30, 35 and 25 percent. If a student gets this percentage of the questions correct, they have all chances to get a seat.

Never give priority to any section during preparation. While Maths, physic and Chemistry stnd in the hierarchy of difficulty.Students must not ignore chemistry. It may seem boring nd but it is a rewarding section.