Monday, February 16, 2009

Problems-Questions-Chemistry,Maths,Physics, Feb 16

A rope is kept on the table with one fourth of its lengths hanging over. It begins to slide. What is coefficient friction between the rope and the table.

a. 0.14
b. 0.21
c. 0.33
d. 0.67

Problems-Questions-Chemistry,Maths, Physics, Feb 16

Gravitation chapter

The cosmonauts landed on a planet and found that at the pole of the planet the force of gravity was 0.01 of that on earth. The duration of the day on the planet is the same as that on earth. At the equator, the gravity was found to be zero. Then what would be the radius of this planet approximately.

a. 18,000 km
b. 12,000 km
c. 24,000 km
d. 30,000 km