Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ganeshaya Namah

I started all blogs related to my relearning of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with aim of facilitating my daughter study of XI&XII and competitive examinations seeking blessings of Ganesha. I hope my experience in this endeavour becomes useful to many other children in learning their subjects much more thoroughly. When we prepare for a competitive examination in earnest, even if we do not get the reward in the competitive examination, the reward of knowledge will certainly come to us. All of us should do our best till the day of our examination and then accept the result as it comes. I feel this is the message of Bhagavadgita. You have all right and might to do all you can do to get a result, but you have no right to demand the result because you have done your best effort.

I once again salute Lord Ganesh and seek his blessing in this mission of helping my child and other children.


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