Saturday, September 29, 2007

IIT JEE Questions for 30-9-2007

1. A simple telescope used to view distant objects has eyepiece and objective lens of focal lengths fe and f0,
respectively. Then

Column I------------------------------------------ Column II
(A) Intensity of light received by lens---------- (P) Radius of aperture (R)
(B) Angular magnification------------------------ (Q) Dispersion of lens
(C) Length of telescope-------------------------- (R) focal length f0, fe
(D) Sharpness of image--------------------------- (S) spherical aberration

2. The IUPAC name of C-6H-5COCl is

(A) Benzoyl chloride
(B) Benzene chloro ketone
(C) Benzene carbonyl chloride
(D) Chloro phenyl ketone

3. Integral of [(x^2-1)/(x^3*(SQRT(2x^4-2x^2+1))]

(A) [(SQRT(2x^4-2x^2+1)/x^2] + c
(B) [(SQRT(2x^4-2x^2+1)/x^3] +c
(C) [(SQRT(2x^4-2x^2+1)/x] + c
(D) [(SQRT(2x^4-2x^2+1)/2x^2] + c

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