Sunday, January 6, 2008


The IIT/JEE : there is a difference between your preparations for CBSE exams and IIT/JEE. Here what matter most is not the quantum of books one has grasped or gone through. But the no. of correct answers, he gets. Students must change their mind sets while appearing for IIT/JEE.Here you have to clear the section cut off of the subject.Trends in the last 2 years show that the section cut off for Physic, Chemistry and Maths stands at 30, 35 and 25 percent. If a student gets this percentage of the questions correct, they have all chances to get a seat.

Never give priority to any section during preparation. While Maths, physic and Chemistry stnd in the hierarchy of difficulty.Students must not ignore chemistry. It may seem boring nd but it is a rewarding section.


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