Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 25 2008 Question set 1

covers topics
Complex Numbers
Vectors (common to physics and mathematics)
Mole concept

1. The inequality |z-4|<|z-2| represents the region given by

a. Re(z)>0
b. Re(z)<2
c. Re(z)<0
d. none of these

2. The points with the position vectors 60i +3j, 40i-8j, ai-52j are collinear if

a. a = -40
b. a = 40
c. a = 20
d. none of these

3. One molal solution is one that contains one mole of a solute in :

a. 1000 g of the solvent
b. one litre of the solvent
c. one litre of the solution
d. 22.4 litres of the solution

For solution see

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