Saturday, June 7, 2008

IIT JEE June 8 2008 Practice paper


1. if |z-1| /|z-4| = 2, the locus of z = x+iy in Argand plane will be:

a. parabola
b. hyperbola
c. circle
d. straight line


Let a,b,c be three non-coplanar vectors and p,q,r are vectors defined by the relations

p = b×c/[abc]
q = c×a/[abc]
r = a×b/[abc]

then the value of the expression
[(a+b).p +(b+c).q +(c+a).r] is equal to

a. 3
b. 1
c. 0
d. 2

3. A particle moving eastwards with a velocity 5 m/s. In 10 seconds the velocity changes to 5 m/s northwards. The average acceleration in this time is

a. zero
b. 1/SQRT(2) m/s² towards north-west
c. ½ m/s² toward north-west
d. ½ m/s² towards north


4. Which of the following has maximum number of atoms?

a. 24 g of C (M=12 g mol^-1
b. 23 g of Na (M = 23 g mol^-1)
c. 48 g of S (M = 32 b mol^-1)
d. 108 g of Ag (M = 108 mol ^-1)

5. The wave number of the shortest wavelength transition in the Balmer series of atomic hydrogen is.

a. 27420 cm^-1
b. 28420 cm^-1
c. 29420 cm^-1
d. 12186 cm^-1

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